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ORLEN is always the closest. Thanks to ORLEN MOBILE app, you will learn how to reach it. Wherever you are, always when you need it. Download to your mobile and check all advanced functions now.


Comfort, quickness, modernity and availability! Now, VITAY account also in your smartphone! Choose awards from a catalogue, get them active and use discount coupons. Use navigation function and find the closest ORLEN station!


Have you joined FLOTA, OPEN DRIVE or MIKROFLOTA program? Pay less for your fuel without standing in lines! Fuel up, run MFLOTA app, scan distributor QR code and pay. Mobile, quick, comfortable. At every ORLEN and BLISKA station.

Our stations in Europe

Meet ORLEN stations


Poland is the place where the white eagle rules. Over 1700 stations under ORLEN and BLISKA brands, and shares at the level of 34.8%, make us the market leader and the largest Polish company. Our logo becomes a guarantee of the highest quality of fuels and services, and a stop.cafe logo – a symbol of tasty coffee and delicious snacks.

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In Germany, there are 572 ORLEN stations, including 554 economical ones, with STAR logo, one station with ORLEN signboard and 17 market stations. In most STAR stations, German customers can taste our coffee and snacks, and use car wash. In 2016,  ORLEN Deutschland GmbH gained 6.0% of the German market share – the largest detail market in Europe.

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Czech Republic

As a principal shareholder (63% of shares) of Unipetrol a.s., we supervise the largest network of stations in the Czech Republic – 363 spots with Benzina and Benzina Plus signboards, and our share in the Czech market in 2016 was 17.8%. This is a result of our effective operational actions and VERVA fuel enjoying trust of the Czech drivers. 

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ORLEN in Lithuania does not mean only 25 stations and 3.5% of market share. Thanks to the acquisition of one of the largest Lithuanian companies, AB Mazeikiu Nafta (now ORLEN Lietuva), we have become the largest shareholder of the marine loading terminal in Butinge and an owner of the top Lithuanian refinery for the markets of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.    

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