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Offer of ORLEN station

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    Fuel of the highest quality

    Reliability guarantee

    Every customer who buys fuel at ORLEN stations gets a guarantee of the highest quality. The Group's investment effort makes unleaded petrol and diesel oils fully comply with European fuel standards and even exceeds certain properties. The chemical composition of gasolines, diesel fuels and autogas produced in the Group is selected on the basis of the latest results of world research.

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    On the way

    We also take care for your purchase at ORLEN to be quick and comfortable. It does not matter, if you visit our classic store or our modern O!Shop spots. You will always find everything you look for. A wide range of snacks, sweets, drinks, alcohols, basic necessities, and toys, interesting movies and best music.

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    Stop Cafe

    Exquisite, aromatic coffee of the mixture of sophisticated Robusta and Arabica coffee. A freshly ground coffee - that's a good start! At Stop Cafe, we have everything you would like to taste. We serve delicious sweets, warm snacks and desserts for your trip. And if you want to try something fruity, we can offer refreshing fruit cocktails and freshly squeezed juice!

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    VITAY Club

    Modernity and mobility

    When you fuel up, order a hot dog or coffee, buy a screenwash or use a car wash. Your VITAY account grown every time... and a smile on your face appear. With every PLN 1 paid at our station, you will receive VITAY points. The more points you collect, the more awards you get! So collect your points, check our catalogues and enjoy your awards!

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    Choose the oil

    Proven quality

    Do you buy fuel of the highest quality? Get your lubrication at the world's level! Choose an oil meeting strict American and European standards and stay clam. Your vehicle is safe. And it doesn't matter if it is a car, truck, tractor, excavator, motorcycle or motor boat. ORLEN Oil is a wide range of synthetic, mineral oils to petrol and diesel engines. It will succeed on every road and in all conditions.

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    Car Wash

    Clear car

    No waiting, high shine and VITAY points! We have everything you need to get your car body absolutely clean quickly! The highest quality equipment, certified products safe for lacquer and environment, and five washing programs. Select one, relax and check how your car gets clean!

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    Washer fluid

    Clean glass, nice smell

    A clean window is more than just a matter of esthetics. It’s a matter of the highest importance, the safety of you and your loved ones. In the summer insects, in the winter slush, mud and salt can really make life miserable for drivers. That’s why we produce fluids adjusted to various conditions and temperatures… and all sprayers.

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    Your personal courier. The closest

    ORLEN is perfect… not only to fuel up your car. Send and collect parcels at our stations. Use a simple Sender Panel and be sure that your parcel will safely reach any destination in Poland and abroad. As a logistics sector leader, we guarantee competitive prices. As the largest network of fuels, we guarantee great accessibility and quick service. All day and nigh, 7 days a week, at the place, at your ORLEN station.

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    Rent a car or give it back on ORLEN gas station

    Do you like to travel, but you don’t have a car? Do you need to do shopping or go for a meeting, but you don’t want to bother with finding a parking space – nothing easier! On the selected gas stations you can rent a car for minutes or give it back, but you can also drink coffee, eat something delicious or do the shopping. Traficar clients may use dedicated parking places and special saving coupons for use on ORLEN gas stations.


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    A friendly place for cyclists


    Coming to ORLEN by bike? Absolutely! Fascinated with the idea of visiting Poland on bicycles, we decided to adapt some of the stations located along the Eastern Green Velo Bicycle Route to the needs of cyclists. These points are equipped with special racks, as well as food and non-fuel offer for bike enthusiasts. All of these stations have received the MPR recommendation, a place that is friendly to cyclists.

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    Map of the Eastern Bicycle Route
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    Changing tables


    On a family trip with young children this topic comes up... very often. Therefore, our stations are equipped with changing tables. Already over 430 bathrooms at ORLEN Bistro points offer convenient, fast and safe diaper changing conditions. To the delight of the baby and its carers!

    Dog bowl


    We know how important it is for travelers to comfortably stretch their legs... and paws. While you savor your aromatic coffee and other delicious treats at, your four-legged friend will freely satisfy its thirst. We have prepared bowls of water for all dogs traveling with our Customers.

    Ramps and car parks for the disabled


    We take care of the comfort of all our customers. The space at ORLEN stations has been designed for the convenience of the disabled. We set up special, spacious parking spaces and built ramps for the free movement of people in wheelchairs. Some stations are equipped with toilets to suit their needs.

    The Big Family Card


    We support large families! With all our efforts! Holders of the Polish Large Family Card may now enjoy a special offer for everyone – big and small customers. Something good for everyone :)

    Discount 8 groszys / 1 litre of standard fuel (Pb95, ON, LPG)
    Discount 10 groszys / 1 litre of VERVA fuel (98 or ON)
    20% discount for all Stop Cafe range products
    20% discount for our car wash

    The Large Family Card is accepted by all ORLEN stations.

    More info about the Large Family Card programme can be found: here