Washer fluid

Summer Screenwash

We want our customers to have a road within their sight. That is why, at all stations, ORLEN screenwash is always at your hand. Reach it, when you fuel up your car. Enjoy the clean screen and great visibility. Our screenwash has a gentle scent and composition safe for car lacquer and rubber elements.

Autumn Screenwash

Spring as autumn... mix of cold and warm. And a bit of cold is enough to effectively block a washer. That's why, in our spring-winter screenwash, we combined all the properties of winter and summer screenwash. It is perfect for warm and cold days and nights, when the temperature drops even to -10 degrees.

Winter Screenwash

Do not let winter get you down… and your windscreen washer frozen. Buy a winter screenwash before the temperature gets below zero and be sure that, even then the temperature drops by 20 degrees, your screenwash will effectively remove salt and dirt from your screen!